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Love Speaks in the Form of Pictures

August 12, 2014  •  1 Comment


Alison and Browan

ab_0040 copyab_0040 copy


Alison and Browan had their wonderful engagement photo session along the running trail in the beautiful Mountain Brook Village. The lush greenery of the place adds magic and charisma to the photos.

Browan is the guitar player for the band St. Paul and the Broken Bones and Alison is a nutritionist in Birmingham, Alabama. They met on one fateful day when Alison went to see Maria Taylor perform and was introduced to Browan, who was playing the guitar in Maria’s band, and the two hit it off right away.

On the day of the shoot, the weather was perfect. It was a bright and a beautiful sunny day. Alison and Browan are fun folks and were very cooperative in trying different poses. Alison and Browan were dressed in casual outfits for the photo session.

In the very first picture, Alison and Browan are holding each other’s hands. It could be understood from the picture how much they love each other’s presence. The natural smile in Alison and Browan’s face talks about it all. The dog called Jake beside Browan adds charm to the picture. Jake is also there in the second picture sitting between Alison and Browan. The couple’s love for this dog is vivid in this picture. I have taken this picture in sepia to provide a different feeling to it. In this picture too, Alison and Browan’s smile are infectious.

ab_0206 copyab_0206 copy

It is often said that lovers love to lose themselves in each other’s eyes. In the third picture, Alison and Browan are gazing at each other. Their gaze exudes affection and warmth. Browan’s hand rests on Alison’s shoulder and this picture talks about the amount of affection between them. In the fourth picture, Browan has held Alison tenderly by her waist. Their eyes are closed as their hearts are whispering the words of love to each other.

ab_0371 copyab_0371 copy ab_0480 copyab_0480 copy

Lovers often say: “If you hold my hand, I can conquer the world.” The fifth and the sixth pictures glorify this statement. I have edited the fifth picture in black and white to give the picture a different effect. The last picture depicts their passionate love. Alison and Browan kiss like there is no tomorrow with Browan’s hands wrapped around her waist and Alison’s hand wrapped around his neck. This is the most romantic picture of this good looking couple that I managed to capture.

Overall it was a wonderful photo session and I had a superb time capturing some wonderful engagement photos of this beautiful couple. The pictures capture the tender and passionate love between them. 

ab_0320 copyab_0320 copy ab_0449 copyab_0449 copy

Lavender Fields in Somoma

July 22, 2014  •  2 Comments

Lavender FieldsBeautiful Sonoma, California ae_0855 copyae_0855 copy Pose with chalkboardAbigail and Erick

Just looking at these images makes me smile. I can still smell the lavender and hear the bees buzzing about. I don't think I've ever photographed in a more tranquil location. The craziest part of this sitting was that we had planned on shooting beneath the Golden Gate Bridge in the Bay Area, but earlier that day the groom drove by this vineyard in Sonoma and decide he would have show this spot to me before we headed for the Bay. One look at this field with the vineyards below and the ridge behind and we decided to change plans and forgo the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a great decision. The images turned out stunning and couple and myself couldn't be happier with these stunning images.

Lavender FieldAbigail and Erick Lavender FieldsSweet moments in black and white.


April 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


Bringing in your own props can make the  images from your sitting truly yours. Think outside the box...or basket and choose an item that reflects your family’s passions and personalities.  During your sitting there is usually time for 2-3 setups and or looks.  I suggest planning on having one formal look and then one that is a reflection of your family. If you have small children let them pick out their outfit or bring a favorite toy. Giving them this responsibility and choice usually creates a sitting that is relaxing, which always produces great images of your little ones. The sitting should be fun and not a chore...this is the best way to achieve images that you will proudly display in your home for many years to come.


IMG_8857 copyIMG_8857 copy

Shepard Family

April 09, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

IMG_6106 copyIMG_6106 copy Newborn sittings are so sweet and can be held in a variety of locations. This sitting was done at the families house and we made use of the beautiful window light coming through the master bedroom. I just love the sweet interaction with big sis and her new baby brother. Moments like this are just priceless.


Ones to Watch

April 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

These are a few examples from a magazine spread I shot for About Town Magazine, called 'Ones to Watch'. Over the course of a week I photographed 18 people in Birmingham that where making a difference in our city. It was such a treat to meet each and every one of them. They all brought such unique styles and personalities to the sitting.

IMG_5952_no hand copyIMG_5952_no hand copy

Tonya Jones- Tonya Jones Salon and Spa

IMG_6125_a copyIMG_6125_a copy

Greg Slamen- cosmonaut on vaction

IMG_6306_a copyIMG_6306_a copy

Ariana Czernobil- Professional ballet dancer with Birmingham Ballet

IMG_6408 copyIMG_6408 copy

Heidi Elenora- Founder of heidi elanora and Birmingham Fashion Week.


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